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Connecting your portfolio to Shopify (shops created before March 2022)
Connecting your portfolio to Shopify (shops created before March 2022)

Automatically sync your portfolio with your Shopify store.

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Before you start

In March 2022 Shopify updated their interface for creating shops. If you created a shop after this date, please see Connecting to Shopify (March 2022 interface).

We highly recommend emptying your existing Shopify inventory, before starting the sync, as syncing artworks from Art Galleria to an existing shop can cause product duplication errors.

Our Shopify integration has a two-way sync, which includes syncing sales and contact information back to Art Galleria. Art Galleria is intended to be the single source of truth for product information and availability. Therefore, all product information must be entered and updated in Art Galleria.

The sync service will only replicate product information from Art Galleria to Shopify and will overwrite any changes made in Shopify directly.

  • The Shopify sync webservice automatically includes Sold artworks by default and sold artworks will appear at the bottom of the artworks page on the website.

  • Please note that when you sync artworks with multiple artists, only the first artist will be synced to Shopify.

This article covers:

Preparing Shopify for the sync

1. In Shopify, navigate to the Admin Dashboard.

2. Click on Apps.

3. Click Manage private apps, then click Create a new private app.

4. Type app name "Art Galleria", email "".

5. Under Admin API permissions settings, give the following access:

  • All orders - No access.

  • Customers - Read and write.

  • Inventory - Read and write.

  • Orders - Read access.

  • Products - Read and write.

  • Store Content - Read access.

6. Click Save.
7. Click to open the app you have just created.
8. Copy and paste the API Key, Password, Shared Secret and URL into a temporary document to transfer to Art Galleria.


Now head over to Art Galleria to finish the set-up.

Preparing Art Galleria for the sync

1. In Art Galleria, navigate to Websites > Webservices, then click New Webservice.

2. Select Shopify as Webservice type.

3. Copy & paste API Key -> API Key

4. Copy and paste Password -> Secret

5. Copy and paste Shared Secret -> Shared Secret

6. Copy and paste URL -> URL

7. Select which Collections you would like to sync to your Shopify store.

8. Finally, click Create Webservice.


If you require more info about the meta fields format & how to access these in your Shopify design theme, please contact us.


Some artworks aren't showing up in Shopify.

Artworks will not be published if:

  • They are marked private or in Details Pending

  • They are archived

  • The associated artist profile is archived

  • The retail price is missing (not provided)


Q: Do I have to delete my existing Shopify products before starting the sync with Art Galleria?

A: Yes, we highly recommend deleting your current Shopify inventory before syncing.

Q: How do I re-upload my Shopify inventory into Art Galleria?

A: This can be achieved by exporting a simple CSV file from Shopify, configuring it according to Art Galleria's specifications, and then importing it into Art Galleria.

Q: Is the syncing automatic, or do I have to manually do it?

A: Provided you checked the Scheduled Sync box when you set up the integration, yes, the sync is automatic, and runs continuously every few hours.

Q: What artwork / product data can be synced from Art Galleria to Shopify?

A: Shopify falls under our medium tier integration, meaning it can sync the following artwork data from Art Galleria:

  • Artworks

  • Artist Profiles

  • Artwork Collections

Q: What happens if I make changes directly in Shopify after the integration?

A: Because Art Galleria is treated as the Single Source of Truth once the sync is established, any information changed through shopify will be overwritten when the sync refreshes.

Q: What information from Shopify goes back to Art Galleria?

A: The only information that syncs back to Art Galleria from Shopify is the sale data. So when a sale occurs in Shopify, that info syncs back to Art Galleria, marks the associated artwork as sold, and generates an invoice.

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