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Integrating with Wordpress and WooCommerce
Integrating with Wordpress and WooCommerce

Follow these step-by-step instructions to connect your Wordpress WooCoommerce website with Art Galleria.

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These instructions are intended for users who already have a Wordpress with WooCommerce website installed.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for Wordpress that can be installed at no additional cost. If you do not already have a Wordpress with WooCommerce website, please contact us for more information about our website packages.

Before you start

It is recommended that you have no other products, categories or tags in WooCommerce before you integrate with your Art Galleria account. The webservice sync may delete or overwrite any of these. After integrating, all changes to artworks, artists and collections should be made in Art Galleria only, and not on your website.

Once the connection is established:

  • Artworks from Art Galleria are synced as WooCommerce products, so the Shop page will show all artworks

  • Artists from Art Galleria are synced as WooCommerce categories

  • Collections from Art Galleria are synced as WooCommerce tags

Please note that when you sync artworks with multiple artists, only the first artist will be synced to WooCommerce.

This article covers:

Watch the video demonstration, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Configure your WooCommerce settings

1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard

2. Download the Art Galleria Portfolio for WooCommerce plugin from 

3. Install and activate the plugin

4. Go to WooCommerce > Settings 

5. Click the Advanced tab and select REST API

6. Click Create an API key

7. Complete the form as follows:

  • Description = Art Galleria

  • User = Select an admin from the list of users

  • Permissions = Read/Write

  • If available, select the Enable the REST API checkbox

8. Copy both Consumer key and Consumer secret keys

9. Go to Settings > Permalinks and update your website's permalinks to "Post name"

Step 2: Configure Art Galleria

1. In Art Galleria, go to Websites > Webservices tab

2. Click New Webservice

3. Complete the form as follows:

  • Webservice type = WooCommerce

  • API key = Paste the Consumer key from your Wordpress site

  • Secret = Paste the Consumer secret from your Wordpress site

  • URL = Enter your website URL (e.g.,

  • Enable scheduled sync = Select this to automatically sync artworks to your site

  • Sync sold artworks = Select this to include sold artworks in your WordPress WooCommerce site, or de-select it to exclude sold artworks

  • Artwork Collections = Select one or more Collections to sync to your site


We include several complimentary WooCommerce templates for your use.

If you wish to modify or design your own templates, you can disable the included Art Galleria templates in your site's WP Admin under Art Galleria > Disable included Art Galleria WooCommerce layouts/templates.

In your own pages, you can then use the standard WooCommerce shortcodes detailed here:

Step 3: Enable purchases on your site site [OPTIONAL]

After you have completed the steps above to sync artworks from Art Galleria to WooCommerce, you can choose to enable online payments and the shopping cart.​

Update the WooCommerce plugin settings

Open WordPress and on the left side of the page, scroll down to the WooCommerce plugin and click Settings.

On the new page that appears, you can then configure your online store:

1. General tab

  • Select the correct currency

  • Configure your store settings (e.g., taxes, address)

2. Products tab

  • Ensure you have selected the correct page to use as the online shop. Usually the default shop page is Artworks.

  • Setup a payment processor such as Stripe to receive payments. On the Payments tab, select a payment provider and sign in with your account, or create a new one.

3. Shipping tab

  • Configure shipping rules for different zones.

Update the Art Galleria plugin

Click on the Art Galleria [ag] plugin, then select the Ecommerce tab, and scroll down the page to click Enable Cart.

Click Updates Settings when complete.


Why are specific artworks not displaying on my website?

Artworks will not be published if:

  • they are marked Private or in Details Pending

  • they are archived

  • the associated artist profile is archived

  • a retail price has not been entered

I set up the sync, but my artworks are not displaying or being updated on my website.

If the status of the WooCommerce webservice is flagged in red and showing as not configured, please install the webhook from the more options (...) menu on the webservice.

This will turn the status from "Not configured" to "OK".

Once the webhook is in place, when a product is sold in WooCommerce, it will immediately talk back to Art Galleria, create the invoice and mark the artwork as sold in Art Galleria.

How do I Sync custom fields to a WooCommerce website?

You can select additional fields to sync to your website in the Webservices area.

  1. Go to Websites > Webservices

  2. Click the More Options (...) menu on the WooCommerce line and select Edit

  3. Click +Add Artwork Field under Additional fields

  4. Add the fields you want to include

  5. Click Update Webservice to save

These changes will not apply to artworks already synced to your website, but will apply to all products being synced from that point on. If you need to sync products retrospectively, please contact us.

Please note, if the field(s) are blank in AG, they will not display on the website on the artwork detail page.

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