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Connecting with MailChimp
Connecting with MailChimp

Instructions for connecting your Art Galleria account with MailChimp.

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This integration allows you to sync your contacts automatically to and from MailChimp.

Before you start: You will need an API key for your MailChimp account. See MailChimp for instructions.

With this webservice you can sync to MailChimp:

  • All Art Galleria contacts

  • Specific contact groups created in Art Galleria

  • Contacts tagged with specific interests in Art Galleria

You also have the option to sync contacts from MailChimp to Art Galleria.

Watch our video demonstration, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

Set up the webservice in Art Galleria

1. Open Websites, open the Webservices tab, and then click New Webservice.

2. Fill in the following information:

  • Webservice Type - Select Mailchimp

  • API Key - Enter the MailChimp API key

  • Audiences - Select the audience group in Mailchimp that you want to sync your Art Galleria contacts to

  • Admin email - Optional, if you want notifications for this service sent to a user other than the primary account user

  • Enable Scheduled Sync - Select this checkbox if you want the service to run automatically in the background. Alternatively, you can leave this option unchecked and run the sync manually only when required (see below for instructions)

3. Continue to configure the sync to meet your specific requirements, including:

  • Import contacts from Mailchimp - Select this checkbox if you want to bring contacts from Mailchimp into Art Galleria

  • Import tags from Mailchimp - Select to not import, import as Groups, or import as Interests.

  • Export tags to Mailchimp - Select not to export, to export Groups as tags, to Export Interests as tags, or to export both as tags.

4. Select the specific contact groups you want to sync to Mailchimp.

5. Click Create Webservice to save and close.

Manually run the sync service

If you wish to run the sync webservice manually, please select Sync from the more options (...) menu, as shown below:

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