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Integrating with Squarespace
Integrating with Squarespace

Learn how to sync your Art Galleria account with your Squarespace website (Square Space)

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If you have a Squarespace website, you can automatically sync your Art Galleria to it, instead of doing it manually.

Before you start

Please ensure that your current Squarespace plan is Advanced Commerce. This is a requirement for the sync service in order to be able to access the API features on Squarespace.

This article covers how to:

Watch the video demonstration, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Generate the API key in Squarespace

1. Open your Squarespace dashboard. On the left menu select Settings > Advanced > Developer API Keys:

2. Click Generate Key.

3. Enter a name for the key and select all of the following: Products, Read and Write, Inventory and Read and Write.

4. Click Generate Key.

5. Click Copy Key. You will need to paste the key into the Art Galleria Webservice.

Step 2: Set up the integration in Art Galleria

1. In Art Galleria, open the Websites tab, click Webservices and click New Webservice.

2. In the New Web Service page:

  • Webservice Type: Select Squarespace

  • API Key: Paste in the API key that you generated earlier

  • Product Page: Select the appropriate Product Page, which will appear after you paste the API key.

  • Default Unit: Select the default unit, which must be the same units that are used on your Squarespace website.

  • Artwork Collections: Finally, select the artwork collections you want to sync with Squarespace.

3. Click Create Webservice.

4. To sync your inventory, you have two options:

(A) Run a manual sync (this is only recommended for the first time you sync). To do this, click the more options (...) icon next to the webservice, and select Sync.

(B) Enable the scheduled sync. You can do this when setting up the webservice, or edit it afterwords to enable this option.

5. Once the sync has successfully completed, you can confirm that the artworks are available in your Squarespace site by going to your Squarespace admin console > Commerce > Inventory > All Products.

Step 3: Display artworks on your Squarespace website

Squarespace offers different options for displaying your inventory. After connecting to Squarespace and confirming your artworks have synced by checking the All Products section, you can then configure how they will display.

Squarespace has help content on this topic. You may find the following information useful:


None of the artworks are syncing to Squarespace.

Please check that:

  1. Your Squarespace site has the Squarespace Advanced Commerce plan.

  2. Your Squarespace site’s measurement standards (Metric or Imperial) match your selected option in the Webservice Sync Settings in Art Galleria. If they don't match you can edit the webservice in Art Galleria to change your settings, or adjust the selection in Squarespace > Settings > Language & Region > Measurement Standard.

Specific artworks do not appear in Squarespace.

Artworks will not be published if:

  • they are marked private or in Details Pending

  • they are archived

  • the associated artist profile is archived

  • the retail price is missing (not provided)

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