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How do I write a blog post?

Using Art Galleria to create a blog post.

Updated over a week ago

Blog posts are a great way to share information with your team. Only your Art Galleria collaborators will be able to see what you post, so you can use it as a way to share information with your team. Blog posts are not synced to the website when integrated.

Watch our video demonstration on how to create a post, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

Writing a blog post

1. Click the Blog tab then click Compose New Post.

2. Give the blog a title, which will be displayed in the dashboard and add in the body content.

3. You can now add in the body content and change the formatting of text by highlighting it and selecting the icons in the toolbar below:

  • Magic wand- change the heading text

  • B - make text Bold

  • I - make text Italicised

  • U - make text Underlined

  • Eraser - Remove font style

  • Arial - change the font

4. Click the Create Post button when done.

5. Your new blog post will now appear in the dashboard. You can also show blog posts that were created in the last 30/90 days.

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