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Integrating with Webflow CMS
Integrating with Webflow CMS

How to sync your inventory to a Webflow CMS website

Updated over a week ago

You can save time by having your Webflow CMS automatically sync with Art Galleria, instead of doing it manually.

This article covers how to:

Generate the API key in Webflow

1. Open your WebflowCMS dashboard and select Settings.

2. Click the Apps & Integrations link on the left menu.

3. Scroll down to the API access area and click Generate V1 token.

5. Click Generate token.

6. Copy the token and save it for use in Art Galleria.

Copy the CMS Collection ID in Webflow

1. Open your Webflow project and select CMS Collections icon on the left menu.

2. Hover over the appropriate collection and click the Settings button (cog).

3. Copy the Collection ID in the field on the right, and save it to use in the Art Galleria webservice.

Set up the integration in Art Galleria

(A) Configure the webservice

1. In Art Galleria please open Websites, Webservices and then click New Webservice.

2. In the New Web Service page, complete the following fields:

  • Webservice Type = Select Webflow

  • API Key = Paste in the API key that you generated in Webflow earlier

  • Webflow Collection ID = Enter the appropriate Collection ID, which will appear after you paste the API key

  • Admin Email = Enter an email for receiving notification emails (e.g., sales made on the website)

  • Currency Code = Select the currency you want the prices on the website to display.

(B) Select what to sync to Webflow

1. By default, the artwork title will sync to Webflow. In the Additional fields to sync area, click + Add Artwork Field to include additional fields.

2. Make sure that Enable scheduled sync is checked to ensure that your website and Art Galleria inventory stay up-to-date.

3. Select the Collections to include in Webflow.

4. Click Create Webservice and now Art Galleria will be synced with Webflow.

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