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Offers: Set up and track your Sales Pipeline
Offers: Set up and track your Sales Pipeline

Establish your own sales pipeline from open to close, by recording offers and keeping track of their progress.

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The Offers functionality in Art Galleria is your very own sales pipeline, which can be used to create sales offers, and mark and track their progress. With a single click you can then convert an Offer into an Invoice, and use the invoice to process the sale.

This article covers how to:

Record an Offer

  1. Click OFFERS, then +New Offer.

Here you can directly input all of your sales data into the new offer. Select different options from the drop-down menus to add to your offer, or leave them blank if they aren't relevant.

2. Add contacts via Search contacts...

3. Add artworks via +Add items.

Additional Settings are also available on the right-hand side:

These enable you to display additional fields in the Offer view:

4. Once all your relevant information has been added, click Create Offer.

5. Created offers will populate the list, displaying their key data at first glance.

Changing an offer status

When an offer has moved to a different stage in your sales pipeline, it's easy to change its status and keep up to date with its progress.

1. In your Open Offers page, navigate to the offer you want to change, click more options(...), and select Edit from the drop-down menu.

2. Click Status, and select which option you would like to change your offer to:

3. Click Update Offer at the bottom of the screen.

Your updated offers will appear at the top of the screen, in their respective status categories.

Offer status definitions

Open: An offer that has been initiated but not yet progressed to later stages like negotiation or closing.

Interested: An offer where a potential customer has shown curiosity, which could lead to further engagement.

Reserved: An offer that have been put on hold for future consideration, often because the client is not ready to proceed but has expressed potential interest.

Accepted: An offer where the customer has agreed to the terms of the sale, moving the deal closer to completion.

Closed: An offer has either been successfully completed & accepted or unsuccessfully completed & rejected.

Emailing offers to contacts

Once you've created an offer, you're then able to compose and send it via email, all in the Art Galleria platform.

  1. Open an existing offer, click Compose and send offer email at the left hand-side. Email functionality will now appear below your offer details.

  2. Enter your Email Subject, and draft the message that you want to include in your email in the Email Introduction Text box, and click Update offer when complete.

3. Navigate to the offer you want to email, click the 3 dots, and select Send Email from the drop-down menu to enter the Preview offer window.

4. Once you are happy with the content and formatting of the offer email, click Send Offer on the right hand-side.

Convert an offer to an invoice

Congratulations! An offer has been accepted by a client, so now it's time to convert it to an invoice.

  1. Navigate to the Accepted section of your sales pipeline, click the 3 dots on the offer you want to convert, and select copy to invoice.

The offer is now an invoice, which functions the same as any typical invoice that you may have created in the Sales section of Art Galleria.

Once the customer has paid the invoice, you can also close the offer if you so wish, by navigating to the Status in the Edit Offer menu, and selecting closed. This moves the finished offer to it's own section in the sales pipeline.

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