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How do I backup my Art Galleria content?

Backup your Art Galleria content.

Updated over a week ago

You can backup or copy your Art Galleria content to your computer or a cloud-based drive. Your data is automatically backed up by Art Galleria daily. Art Galleria utilises enterprise-grade data centres with highly reliable services.

Back it up yourself

If you wish to download a copy of your Art Galleria content for your own computer or for back-up purposes, please follow the instructions below.

1. Click Reports in the top navigation bar and click Custom Report

2. Select the information that you wish to download from Art Galleria.

  • collection, artist name and fields

  • Html - view the report in the browser

  • PDF - download the report as a PDF file

  • CSV - download the report as a spreadsheet

  • Choose the sorting order of the records

3. Click Generate Report. 

Alternatively, please email us at to request an export from our team.

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