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Shortcut for inputting dates

Tips for how to use the date picker calendar to quickly insert dates.

Updated over a week ago

Using the date picker is the best way to input dates quickly without formatting errors.

Watch our video demonstration for tips on how to quickly navigate to the correct date, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

Use the date picker to input dates

1. Click the calendar icon next to a date field.

2. Click the arrows to select the correct month.

3. Then select the day and the date field will be populated.

Tips for selecting distant dates

Selecting a distant date can be tedious, but you can do this more quickly by clicking the month box at the top.

Now all the months will be displayed. Click the year at the top to navigate to a different year.

Now all the years will be displayed:

Then you can select the desired year, month and day and it will be entered into the date field.

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