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Connecting with Xero
Connecting with Xero

Instructions on how to sync Xero with Art Galleria

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This integration allows you to sync invoices and associated contacts and payments automatically with Xero.

You need to have your Xero login details handy for this task. You will need to give Art Galleria permission to connect with Xero, and also need to identify which Xero accounts (bank, tax, revenue and expense) you would like to automatically associate with invoice items and payments entered in Art Galleria.

Watch the video demonstration, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

IMPORTANT: Before connecting to Xero, please ensure that existing invoices in Art Galleria do not already have corresponding invoices created in Xero. If they already exist in Xero, please remove the duplicate invoices in Art Galleria before connecting. Your Art Galleria account must contain only invoices not already present in Xero. You can select a past or future date from which you would like to commence the transfer to avoid duplicate invoices.

1. In Websites open the Webservices tab, and click New Webservice.

2. Select Xero in the New Web Service screen.

3. In the XERO New Web Service screen, enter your preferences:

Invoice Prefix

You can enter a preferred invoice prefix. If you leave blank, the default value is AG. (For example, invoice #1234 in Art Galleria will be created as invoice AG-1234 in Xero.)

Admin Email [OPTIONAL]

Enter an email here if different to the primary account user for notifications relating to the operation of this service.

Enable Scheduled Sync

Select this option if you want the service to run automatically in the background. Alternatively, you can leave this option unchecked and run the sync manually only when required.

Import all Xero

Select this option to copy existing contacts (clients) from Xero to Art Galleria.

Copy All Existing Invoices and Associated Contacts To Xero

Select this option to copy existing invoices from Xero over to Art Galleria.

4. Click Create Webservice and then click Allow access on the following page.

5. Open the more options (...) menu on the Xero row and select Edit.

6. Make sure the all the different accounts are correct, if you have them setup in Xero (sales, portal, shipping).

Once connected successfully, you will be able to map the bank, tax, revenue and expense accounts in Xero to Art Galleria equivalents.

7. Finally, select a Sync From Date to define from what date you wish to sync Art Galleria invoices. This can be a past or future date.

8. Click Update Webservice to save your changes.

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