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Using AG Slides, our Apple TV app
Using AG Slides, our Apple TV app

How to download and use the Slides app to display your collection

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AG Slides enables you to display Art Galleria standard Collections on your Apple TV, transforming any space into an exhibition of your artworks. You can showcase your Collections in your gallery, studio, office or wherever you exhibit.

How it works

AG Slides can showcase a small number of collections to your clients. You can easily customize the slideshow settings to match your preferences, and control the slideshow from your Apple TV remote, making it easy to skip or restart the display as needed. AG Slides is free for Art Galleria customers.

This article covers how to:

Helpful tips before you start

The AG Slides app is intended to showcase a small number of collections to your clients. Each Collection can feature up to 30 artworks. We recommend selecting no more than 10 collections to display.

Following are two ways you could set up Collections for the app:

Suggestion 1

Create one or two collections within Art Galleria called AG Featured Artworks, where you can conveniently add or remove artworks. This setup would be ideal if you intend to rotate artworks or artists on a regular basis, such as weekly rotations. Changes you make in Art Galleria will be reflected in the AG Slides app.

Suggestion 2

Select up to 10 collections for featured artworks to show, as this would allow you to showcase up to 300 artworks while keeping them easily updatable in AG.

For more on creating collections in AG, please see this support article.

Please note

You cannot display Smart Collections in AG Slides. Smart Collections are created automatically based on the criteria you set, and have a green icon next to the name like this example:

Smart collection example with green icon

Enable Collections for AG Slides

1. In Art Galleria, open Inventory > Collections.

2. Click the more options button (...) next to a Collection and select Edit.

3. Select the Enable for AG Slides checkbox, then click Save Collection.

Download the app

1. On your Apple TV, open the App Store.

2. Search AG Slides.

3. Click Get.

4. The app will download to your Apple TV.

Login and configure the app settings

1. Enter the same username and password you use to access Art Galleria in the browser, phone and tablet versions.

2. Click Login.

3. Once logged in you can select a Collection to display and configure your presentation preferences:

4. When you're ready to to start the display, click Start Slides.

Light appearance example

Dark appearance example

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