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How do QR codes work in Art Galleria?
Updated over a week ago

In Art Galleria you can include a QR code in artwork labels you create using the Label Designer.

The QR code can be used different ways, such as:

  • Internally, with the Art Galleria iOS or Android apps, to quickly pull up the artwork details.

  • Externally, by adding a a URL field to each artwork that you can populate with a URL from your personal website, social media, or other.

Please note, including a QR code on a label does not automatically create a page where people can view the artwork publicly. (By default, scanning the QR code will start a Google search with the artwork title, etc.).

If you want people to see a public web page with the artwork details and image when they scan a QR code, please follow the instructions below.

Creating QR codes for internal users

To use QR codes internally with the Art Galleria app, include the Inventory ID field in the QR code when you set it up in the Label Designer. Then, team members can use the Art Galleria iOS or Android app to scan the code and immediately access the artwork details.

See Setting up QR Codes for more information and step-by-step instructions.

Creating QR codes to view artworks publicly

If you want people to be able to scan the QR code to view an artwork and associated information, you can add:

  • A custom field in Art Galleria for each artwork with the artwork URL from your website, then

  • Include this field in the QR Code when you set it up in the Label Designer (see Setting up QR Codes for instructions).

Then, when the QR Code is scanned by anyone with a smartphone camera, the destination URL will open in their browser.

Using our Woocommerce integration?

If you are using our Woocommerce integration, the website URLs for each artwork detail pages are automatically recorded for each artwork. Configure the QR Code to include Website Artwork URL, and then contact us for final implementation.

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