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Creating invoices and recording payments
Creating invoices and recording payments

Make selling your artworks even easier with our invoicing and integrated payment system.

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You can manage invoices all in one place with Art Galleria, including recording payments manually or using the integrated payments processor (requires having a Stripe account connected).

This article covers how to:

For information on how to specify the default components of invoices in the Settings area, see Configuring Invoices.

For information on how to set up branding themes that can be applied to invoices, see Setting up branding themes.

Watch our video demonstration, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

Create an invoice

  1. Select Sales and click New Invoice.

2. Complete the top fields to select who you are invoicing, the reference number, relevant dates, and currency.

3. Click the Add a new line dropdown to add artworks, custom items or shipping details / delivery charges.

4. You can add notes and terms and conditions (these will be included when print or email the invoice). Click Create Invoice when done.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the invoice if you want to:

  • Edit the invoice

  • Enter a payment

  • Print the invoice

  • Cancel the invoice

  • Email to a contact

  • Share the invoice using a link

View and edit invoices

Open Sales, then Invoices, and open the more options (...) menu next to an invoice to:

  • View it

  • Edit it

  • Create a copy

Share an invoice

To share an invoice with a client, at the bottom of the Invoice click the More Options dropdown and select Share.

You can either:

  • Send a copy of the invoice to them via email

  • Share a link with people that will enable them to view and download the invoice, and make payments on it (when you have Stripe set up)

Add internal notes to an invoice

You and your collaborators can add notes to invoices, which are for internal use only. User notes will not be printed on the invoice and are intended for internal reference only.

1. Open Sales.

2. Click the bubble icon next to the appropriate invoice.

3. The preview pane will open. Click Add Note.

4. Enter a note in the field and click Save.

Accept payments via the Integrated Payments Processor

This point of sale solution requires that you have a Stripe account set up and connected to Art Galleria.

You can accept and process credit card payments in Art Galleria if you have a Stripe account connected.

When you use the link to share an invoice, clients can view or download it, and click Pay Now to make full or part payments. If you have configured credit card surcharges, these will be added automatically to the amount paid.

You can also accept credit card payments directly on the invoice (for example when a client call you to pay).

1. Click Enter Payment at the bottom of an invoice.

2. Open the Process Payment tab.

3. Enter the credit card details, and then click Process Payment.

Manually record a payment

Using the Record Payment screen you can record payments received outside of Art Galleria against specific invoices.

1. At the bottom of an invoice, click Enter Payment

2. In the Add Payment window, select the payment date, amount paid, and method of payment.

3. Click Create Payment when done.

4. The payment will be recorded against the invoice total, and the Total Amount Due will be update.

5. If you need to reverse the payment (i.e., indicate that you have not received the payment), you can click Reverse all Payments.

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