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Setting up branding themes
Setting up branding themes

Create documents with your own logo, fonts, style and other branding elements.

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By creating branding themes, you can standardise and brand your documents. This article covers how to:

Watch our video demonstration, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

Create a branding theme

1. Open Sales and click Settings, and then click New Branding Theme.

2. Fill out your branding theme's contact information and add your company logo by selecting Choose file. Click Save Settings when done.

3. Click Fonts & Style to update your preferred brand font, size and style.

4. Use the tabs to navigate through the branding elements and fill in relevant information.

Note: To fill in footer details click on the Reports tab and enter in your footer information.

5. When you have entered all the information you wish to include, click Save Settings.

Edit a branding theme

1. Click the three dots (...) icon on the row of the theme and click Edit.

2. Update the information required and click Save Settings.

Delete a branding theme

1. Click the three dots (...) icon on the row of the theme and select Delete.

2. Click OK to confirm you would like to delete the theme.

Display additional text when people click 'Buy now'

You can display additional text to buyers when they click Buy now on one of your artworks in the Private Rooms and Portfolios. For example, you could add "Please note: shipping and installation will be invoiced separately".

To add text:

1. Open the Sales tab and select Settings

2. Open the more options (...) menu next to the branding theme you want to edit, and select Edit.

3. On the edit screen, click the Orders & Payments tab and add the additional text to display to buyers.

4. Click Save Settings, and your text should now display in your Private Room / Portfolio.

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