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Creating a portfolio to display on an external website
Creating a portfolio to display on an external website

Use the Portfolio feature to display your Art Galleria artworks in website builder platforms, such as WIX, Squarespace, Weebly, and more.

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You can create a portfolio in Art Galleria, then display it on your personal website(s) by embedding it in an iframe. This article covers:

What to do before you start

A. Confirm that you can insert HTML code on your website

Your website must have the ability to insert HTML code in order to display your Art Galleria portfolio. Most modern website builder services (WIX, Squarespace, Weebly, etc.) offer this functionality.

B. Create or select a Collection to include

When setting up your Art Galleria portfolio, you will specify the artworks to include by selecting a Collection, or multiple Collections. The portfolio is dynamic, so any artworks you later add to the Collection will display on your integrated website. For testing purposes we recommend having at least a few artworks available in the Collection you choose during the integration process.

Tip: Smart Collections automatically include artworks based on your specified criteria. If you want to more actively control which artworks are included in a portfolio, we recommend using a standard collection, where only the artworks you manually add will appear.

C. Block artworks from displaying publicly (OPTIONAL)

Website Portfolios is a feature intended to share your artworks and associated information outside your private Art Galleria account. To prevent specific artworks from being displayed, even if accidentally included in a Collection associated with a portfolio, you can mark the artworks Private by editing the artworks, and selecting the Private checkbox (in Artworks > Edit > Portfolio tab).

Creating a portfolio

Watch the video demonstration, or scroll down for written instructions.

1. In Art Galleria, open Websites and click Website Portfolios, then Click New Portfolio.

2. Complete the New Website Portfolio screen by entering information and selecting our preferred display and formatting options.

  • Name - Portfolio name (for your reference only)

  • Website URL - Web address of the website where your portfolio will be embedded (include http:// or https:// at the beginning)

  • Artists Template* - Choose the layout for the artist profiles

  • Artworks Template - Choose how the layout for the artworks

  • Sort Artworks By - Select how artworks are sorted (ordered)

  • Sort Artists By* - Select how artists are sorted (ordered)

  • Hide Artworks Titles - Exclude artworks if the title matches a certain criteria

  • Pricing - Choose to show or hide artwork pricing

  • Currency - Select the currency format

  • Display Options - Choose to show or hide elements on the artworks

  • Artwork Fields - Use the Add field button to select additional artwork information fields to display. You can reorder the fields you add within the list using the three lines icon

  • Filter Options (beta) - Display filter options in your portfolio

  • Artist Details* - Select which information will display for each artist profile

* Items relating to artists are only visible with a Gallery or Collector plan.

3. Select which Collections you would like to include, and then click Create Portfolio.

4. Your new portfolio will appear on the Website Portfolios tab.

5. Click Preview to see how it will display.

If you need to make changes to it, see the instructions for editing portfolio. If not, jump down to the instructions on how to integrate it into your website.

Editing a portfolio

Changes that you make to your portfolio will automatically be reflected wherever you have embedded it. To edit a portfolio:

1. Open the more options menu on the portfolio record and select Edit.

2. You can now modify any of the portfolio settings, including which Collections are included.

3. Click Update Portfolio when complete.

Integrating the portfolio with your website

To display your Art Galleria portfolio, your website must have the ability to insert HTML code. Most modern website builder services (such as WIX, Squarespace, Weebly, etc.) offer this functionality.

1. In Art Galleria, open Websites and click Website Portfolios.

2. Next to the portfolio record that you want to embed, open the more options (...) menu and select Copy Integration Code.

3. Select and copy the Portfolio Page (Gallery) code.

Please note, the width and height options can be adjusted to better match your website design (see below).

4. On your website, edit the page in which you would like to insert the portfolio.

5. Insert the HTML code you copied from Art Galleria Portfolio Page (Gallery) field.

OPTIONAL: If you have Gallery or Collector subscription, you can also create a featured artists page. This is done the same way as the portfolio page by copying and pasting the Artist Page code.

6. On your website, preview the pages you have updated. You may also like to adjust the width and height values in the code you copied from Art Galleria to improve the experience on your website, or contact us for assistance. See the example below:

Enable people to buy artwork from your embedded portfolio

A. Enable the 'Buy Now' feature

To enable a 'Buy Now' button for artwork in the portfolio, you first need to connect a Stripe account to your Art Galleria account (for support, please see Setting up online payments with Stripe). Then, contact us to enable this in your account.

B. Add your own text

You can also display text in your Portfolio when someone clicks Buy Now. For more on this, please see the article Setting up Branding Themes.

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