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Setting up online payments with Stripe
Setting up online payments with Stripe

Accept or process payments online using our integrated payment processor

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With the integrated payment processor, clients can easily and securely pay your invoices online. You can also enable a Buy Now button in the Private Viewing Rooms, and clients can purchase the artworks directly from the room.

To enable online invoice payments and the Buy Now button, you will need:

  • A Gallery or Artist plan, and

  • To set up a Stripe account and integrate it with your Art Galleria account.

How it works

You can accept credit card payments with our integrated payment processor directly on the invoice using the Enter Payment button, through the Process Payment window, in the virtual Private Rooms, and in your website portfolios.

Payments are processed automatically in your Stripe account, which is in turn linked with your bank account. You can configure your Stripe account (in Stripe settings) to transfer funds to your bank account as soon as the funds are cleared, or as bulk transfer once a week.

How it works for your clients

Clients receiving invoices via Art Galleria have the option to make payments by credit card or through Apple Pay and Google Pay, if they have these enabled on their devices.

Enabling the Buy Now button

Once you have connected your Stripe account with Art Galleria, you can contact us to request that we enable the Buy Now feature. This will give you the option to show a Buy Now button in any Private Rooms you send out, and on any websites you integrate with using website portfolios. Please see the articles on website portfolios and Private Rooms for more information.

Please contact us to request this.

Set up online payments

1. Open Settings and then scroll down to click Payment Services on the left menu.

2. Click Setup Stripe Payments.

3. You will be directed to Stripe to either:

  • Set up a new Stripe account - Please fill out the form with the relevant details.

  • Login to your existing account - Click Log in and login with your Stripe credentials.

3. Once logged in, you will be redirected back to Art Galleria. You will be able to view your newly connected Stripe account in the Payment Services section:

You will then be able to accept online payments from clients when invoicing.

Share the online payment link with clients

There are two ways to share the online payment option with clients:

  1. Use Art Galleria to send them an email that links to the invoice

  2. Obtain an invoice payment link to send via email or text

Both require that you first create an invoice in Art Galleria for the sold artwork(s). If you need help creating an invoice, please see Creating invoices and recording payments.

Option 1: Use Art Galleria to send them an email that links to the invoice

You will need to modify your email settings to include a link, and then use Art Galleria to email the client the invoice.

1. Open Sales then Settings and click on the branding theme marked as Default.

2. Open the Emails tab and click Share Invoice Link from the dropdown and then click Save.

3. Open the Invoices tab and create your client's invoice. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click More Options and click Email to Contact.

4. You can make any alterations you wish to the email, but do not remove or edit [Share Invoice Link]. It is this line that will allow your client to click through to pay the invoice online. Click Email PDF to Contact when ready.

5. Your client will then receive an email that will look like the one below. They can click View invoice link to see the invoice and make payment.

Option 2: Obtain an invoice payment link to send via email or text

  1. When you have created your invoice, scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the More Options drop-down menu and select Share.

2. Click Copy Link. You can then paste this link into an email or other digital message to send to your client.

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