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Uploading artworks on the app
Uploading artworks on the app

Add artworks one-by-one in the mobile app.

Updated over a week ago

In addition to uploading artworks through your browser, you can also create artworks through the mobile app, or add images to existing artworks.

You can login to the Art Galleria mobile app using the same username and password that you use in a browser.

Uploading a new artwork

1. In the app, click the Artworks tab and then click List View.

3. To upload an artwork click the '+' button.

4. Select your source for the artwork image:

  • CAMERA: Take a new photo from your phone or tablet. Once you have taken the photo, you can click Use Photo, or Retake.

  • PHOTO LIBRARY: Use an existing photo that you have taken. Navigate to the image on your device, and click on it.

5. The Artwork Edit screen will open and you can enter details about the artwork.

6. Click Save when finished.

7. To view the artwork in the app, refresh the artwork list or grid view by dragging the screen down and releasing.

Adding images to an existing artwork

1. Open the artwork to which you want to add images.

2. Click Edit in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Click on the existing image for the artwork.

4. Click Add image, and then follow the steps from #4 above to take a new photo or select an image on your device.

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