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Using the Enter Sale function
Using the Enter Sale function

How to quickly enter an artwork sale.

Updated over a week ago

If you don’t want to use invoicing in Art Galleria, you can use the quick Enter Sale feature on an artwork. This effectively creates the sale record but in a simplified way, so you may find it quicker than using the full invoicing method.

This article covers:

Entering a Sale

1. In your Artworks Inventory click the more options (...) menu for a specific artwork and select Enter Sale.

2. Select the contact associated with the sale and edit the price if necessary. Click Save once done to record the Sale.

This creates a sale record and generates an invoice.

Viewing the Sales record for a specific artwork

1. In your Artworks Inventory click the more options (...) menu for an artwork for which you have recorded a sale, and select Edit.

2. In the edit screen, click the Sales tab and you will see the recorded sale with the associated contact.

Viewing all Sales records

1. Click the Sales tab from the top menu.

2. The Invoices screen displays all sales you have recorded, including both invoices and sales you have recorded using the Enter Sale function.

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